Why don't white girls like me?

I'm a 22 year old mestizo latino man, light tan, average looks, average weight. Anyways I don't have problem going on dates ethinic women, black women, latina women, Asian women, Middle eastern women. On average I have good luck with them. I notice that on average whenever I apporach or have gotten to known a white girl, they never like me. They always just want to just be friends or just say they don't like me back etc. Its such a repeted result I get that its the reason I find them more intemedating than any other race. Most of the time I try to stick to my kind and don't even bother trying and conditioned myself to try to stop finding white girls attractive in to avoid rejection.

One example I can give you if I do something weird or act shy or get nervous ethic girls will find it adorable and sweet or funny, but if I do that with white girls they get put off more easily and sometimes go as far as seeing me being creepy or something.

I wanna be clear I don't go dating around people for their race, I date people I like or find intersting. I'm also not a douch, I'm very polite and honest and when I do approach someone I might say something like "I would like to take you out sometimes to get to know you, you seem like a very sweet person and it would be fun to hang out and do something sometimes" Also I'm not even hooking up with women, when I do try get to know a person or do go on dates for them its me trying to look for something serious.

White girls scare me and a lot of times I'm afraid to date them. Some people have told me that maybe they don't like dating me because I'm latino and that some white people view latinos as dirty. I do think there are racist white people who do think this way about latinos but I don't want to assume this is every sutiation that has happened to me with a white girl, I don't want to feel I'm abusing the race card. I hate to generalze but it just seems this happens to me a lot. Is something wrong wrong with me?


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  • How tall are you. That's a big thing for girls. Average Caucasian male your generation is 5 foot 10 inches.


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