Are we official or should I still wait for him to ask me out?

I am seeing this guy for almost 6 months now. I was pretty clear on him not wanting a relationship. He also distant himself from me for like 20 days because of his university grades last semester. One day I ran into him at the bus stop. He told me exactly why he was being distant. I met his family that day for the first time as well. On that night, I promised myself that I will not text him till he is done with his last semester. But a week later he texted me and we spent time together. Now we meet every week sometimes even twice a week. I also went to his house when he was sick last week, met his family again. He says that his parents like me. On Valentine's he actually confessed his love to me. He replies to my texts right away, makes plans with me, does everything that I like and appreciate, attends my doctor's appointments. Today he took me out to try sushi for the first time. I was being treated like a child which I was loving, his eyes were most of the time glued onto me. Basically I see him care and love me, something a boyfriend would do. He already interacted with my sister on valentines and next week he is coming with me to hang out with my friends. I am really confused should I ask him if we are dating cuz I am really unsure? I know he is commitment phobic due to his career focus. He is done his last year this April. So I could just wait for him to ask me out.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Just ask him. If he's anything like me, it's likely that in his head you two are dating and "official" already.

    And worst case scenario, you'll get an honest answer as to where the relationship is right now.

    Good luck. ;)


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would ask.
    Better safe than sorry you know.
    If you dont think its official and he does and it wasn't made clear and say you go makeout with some other dude he may be heartbroken.
    Or vice versa if you think its official and he doesn't and he go makes out with some other chick you might be heart broken.

    Dont nessicarily ask if your official but maybe be like "so what are we doing?"


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What Guys Said 2

  • Ask but, you sound pretty damn boy/girl-friendy to me.

  • No, do not ask him.


What Girls Said 2

  • The best thing to do is ask. Considering you made it clear to him you don't want a relationship, I think it's more so just the two of you dating until you change your mind.

  • You should ask him. Their is nothing wrong with having clarity. If he is still saying no to a relationship please believe him and move on. It's not worth your time nor your hurt hurting. Trust me I know from experience. Be smart and live you first.

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