Boyfriend tells me he feels very insecure about his size how can I make him feel better?

He's amazingly good with tounge and it doesn't bother me that he's smaller any ideas how I can make him feel better?


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  • Easiest way is just to show a lot of enthusiasm and excitement in your sex life.
    Don't bother telling he's a great size, or he's not small, just show that you're happy.

    Text him, tell him how much you want him inside you and can't wait to get home.
    Those little things are going to eventually make him feel like you really love what he can provide sexually.

  • I'm gonna need to know his size before I can give you any advice.

    • Like 5-6 inch when hard

    • Get him on a workout routine.

      Penis Pull-Ups - 10 sets of 12
      Penis Push-Ups - 10 sets of 12
      Penis Curls - 8 sets of 10

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