Is it impossible to make this guy like me more than just for sex (please read details because all guys are different)?

So this guy and I have both been hooking up for the past couple of months (about every 2 weeks for a few hours). We are 21.

He has never had an actual girlfriend before. And before me he would just have one night stands every few months with random chicks. I am the first chick he has had sex with multiple times and, since we are open to each other, he said he isn't seeing anyone else. And won't be.
So I already have broken one of his rules 🙌

Honestly, I'm kinda hoping he'll want something more. He told me he tries not to like girls in a deep way, and I don't think a girl has ever liked him in that way. So I was thinking if I showed him that type of affection, it would be novel to him and he would want it more and more. If we keep having sex, it forms more of a bond than a one nighter, right? Or is this faulty thinking? I want your honesty please (:

Also, I'm a level headed person, non-sensitive. If he said goodbye tomorrow I'd be fine. I got my back. I'm independent. Never been in a real relationship myself. I just really like him & kinda want something more. I know the classic "player" type and he isn't a player. He is actually a nice & honest college dude. And all his guy buds have gfs. I think it just never was given to him before. Anyways, I told him I wanted something more. He said he isn't really looking for that & is way to busy with his athletic season and traveling. It lasts til June.. I don't know, I'm not saying I have magic and can make him fall for me, but if I give this an honest go, how should I go about it? Is it all just wishful thinking?


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  • You have to connect to him on an emotional level. Try and spend quality time together and do little things for him to show that you care more about him than you do about the sex. You can also be more passionate during sex like deep kissing an shit.

    • Okay ^.^ thank you! What are some examples of little things if we don't see each other other than when I go to his place (due to schedules & distance) ? Like if we are laying before we have sex, what could I do? I ask him questions about his life and stuff...

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    • Okay 👌 I will give it a try tomorrow night..!

    • Ok cool, but you have to do it over time.

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  • Does he cuddles with you after sex?

    • Yeah before and after. And we talk for a half hour