I'm soo jealous right now?

A brown girl, a model dating a white guy model, i'm soo depressed, Brown girls usually coast meaning they have the very proud look on their face and show off on brown guys and boast about their white men if they get one, i've experienced quite a few. They had our ancestors in slvaery and today still doing so much to us, i mean today i heard one of our former crush a news anchor is married to a white man ! i hope this don't get as bad as the Asian countries, the couple below lives in NY i think but she's from my island also i've been seeing a lot of white guys lately anytime i see one, i get scared i think what if their girlfriend is brown? or indian? even a lot of black guys are successful with indian girls :( there's little hope for indian guys in this world I'm soo jealous right now?I'd honeslty like to gt over this but I don't know how 2, maybe somehow there might be some group of girls willing to date us?


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  • It's not about the colour of the skin for girls. It's about how we are treated. Simple as that.

    • not tru at all nobody never give me a chance maybe it's cuz i'm ugly

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