Anyone had dated any Scandinavian here?

I've learned recently that their dating culture is very much different. For those who have experienced dating Scandinavian people, please share your experiences!

Im currently seeing a Swedish guy and to him we are in a "relationship" but he is still talking to other girls. By definition of "relationship", its not even girlfriend boyfriend thing -_-


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  • I was very friendly with a Danish family. I worked with the eldest brother.
    Within a few months his sister was making it very obvious she liked me. We ended up in bed and yes it was strange but fascinating.
    Sex for them is very recreational. They do not seem to be promiscuous but sex is something they do see as a recreational enjoyment. Commitment to a partner did we e m looser than our own idea of a relationship.

    • Sorry i did not get the last sentence, "commitment..." please explain again 🙈

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    • I see. So what should i do now? Should i talk to him about our relationship?

    • Yes you need to get your perception of your relationship across to him.
      All relationships need good communication.
      Good luck 😃

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  • No, but one of my best experiences was seeing in New years 1991 with two Finn women in Prague

  • Well now that sounds scary!

    • More like its confusing the hell out me.

  • Do girls like Nordic boys?


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