Should I move past her romantically? Any advice, or girls point of view?

Firstly, sorry for this being long, just trying to give an overall rundown, so you can get an idea of whats going on.

I really like her, but I'm to that point of fight or flight. Asked her to be my Valentine, but another guy beat me to it. Asked if the two of them were dating, and she said maybe. Later that night, she said she rejected him. Fast forward, she seems flirty, teasing, etc. Yet I see her walking around with this guy, and talking to him. Ask her again if they are dating, this time she says no. Fast forward again, her friend leaves, and its just me and her talking, joking around, flirting, teasing, she just gives me this look, and I can't explain it, but it felt loving.

I asked what she was doing this weekend, response was I don't know, might go out to dinner with *insert guys name*. Told her what I was doing, and stated I thought they weren't dating. She said she really wanted to do what I was doing, and said its hard to explain why she isn't dating him. I asked her if she wanted to come with, and why she didn't want to date him. She said because she doesn't like him as much as he likes her. I asked her why she was hanging out with him then (becuase she's pretty much toying us) and asked about if she wanted to go to the event again, and haven't heard back. Let it be noted I truly care about her, and would do whatever I could for when I can, because I do care. Even if she doesn't like me that way, I still want to be nice to her, however, should I move on, and stop texting her for a bit? or wait and see?


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  • No don't stop texting , it will send the wrong message. If you are ready , then confess it to her in a sweet way. Don't do it in public because then she might think she will be forced to say yes. I stead do it in a private location or where there isn't anyone she might know. You should definitely go for it !


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