I am joining the police academy soon, will most girls want to date somebody thats planning to be a police officer?

I am wondering if this would be a problem for girls since law enforcment officals dont have a lot of free time. Law shows like Law and Order tend to depict the police force characters as having a pretty crappy personal life. Is this realistic at all? I am just a very family oriented person and want to have a happy life. So I am a little concerned.


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  • Police officer, as a profession, is number 1 in alcoholism and number 1 in divorces. It's number 3 in suicides currently behind medical doctor and dentists.

    It is time consuming and dangerous.

    And an absolute joy if you live for that kind of stuff.

    Welcome to the law enforcement field, my friend.

  • Heya!!

    First off good luck in PA! I hope you learn and have good experiences.
    You have a good question. My answer would be no. But somebody else's answer could be yes. Depends on the person. But most women like men in uniform their put together and fun to look at. Not to mention your going to be in a position of authority and power (That's super hot to some women) Plus there are groupies out there... so no shortage of women buddy. Just be careful in that sense. Some groupies just want you because of social status and benefits. There is a saying... stay away from BEER, BOOZ AND Bit**es. You'll be fine.

    Police officers in the beginning do have a hard time because there at the bottom of the barrel... and trying to prove themselves. And your going to be working some pretty brutal hours so no chance in having a good relationship in the beginning. Also like prettygurl12 said... high divorce rates, cheating, alcoholism, danger of the job, never home... there are so many factors it can make a girl hesitant. So the portrayal of the life isn't that out of proportion.

    regardless, If you remain true to yourself and love this job you will find a girl that will love you for you. And will be able to overlook the cons of the job and remain with u through the tough times! Don't worry... you will find the right one!!!

    I hope you still remain on GAG as much as you can. And once again good luck to you and your career.

    p. s... maybe you'll even date a police woman ;)

    Take care!

    • Thank you for the positive words and well written answer. I've always seen myself as faithful, loyal, trustworthy and an all around wholesome person and being in law enforcement just falls in line with that and I hope women will see that in me.

    • And they will! have fun :)

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  • Once you become one the girls will like it anyway

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