How can I stop beating myself up after ruining my chances with a date?

I haven't dated for a long time and recently met someone very nice and awesome. Him and I had been talking for about a week and had finally gone out on a date.
On the date, everything went very well, yet at the end, I got overly emotional and because I had alcohol, I ended up not filtering myself and didn't have good enough judgment to stop myself from texting him something utterly stupid and detrimental to our dating.
He ended up never calling me again. He blocked me on Facebook, which I don't know why. Whatever I said through text didn't give off the crazy vibe, it just was embarrasing and made me look uptight.

I feel so embarrased and have not been able to stop beating myself up for the past 2 weeks.
Yes, I know that in life we live and we learn, yet I can't shake this feeling of regret.
I'm 22 and just really want to finally be successful in dating, so whenever I mess up, I always think, "Ugh, it could have turned into something great if only I didn't make this dating mistake."
Note: I am not questioning my worth or doubting myself as a person. I feel i am a great catch, but I have to admit that I am not the best at dating.

How can I stop feeling this way? It makes me cringe to think of it and makes me so sad.


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  • Figure out what you can learn from what happened so you know what not to do next time and remember there are more fish in the sea