How would you feel if you fell for a transsexual?

Let me just say I have Nothing against transsexuals be yourself, be happy I support it, zero descrimination against any shape, size, or form.

Lets say you met a girl who was really cute, and put on a decent amount of makeup. You thought she was cute and she thought you were cute.
You guys date for a good month and she calls you to her place for a surprise, you get there and she confesses to being a transsexual ever since she was the age of 13. Would you feel any different?
And yes she still has her man parts but will change that for you.

Lets say you met this guy you thought was really cute but had girl like features.
Same with the guys you end up liking each other and they invite you to their house and reveal that they were born female and still has their female parts.. Do you feel any different?

I know this is practically impossible for the girls you would find out really soon but just use imagination.
Also they never really lied to you about their gender you just assumed and never asked.
Do you feel any different?

  • Yes, it changes everything.. Im leaving them.
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  • No, at this point id like them too much to care.
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  • We could be friends still but not date.
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  • We could be friends with benefits but thats all.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • We could still be friends but I don't do short term relationships and I can't see it being a very long term one considering I want to have kids in my future.

    • You could still have kids though
      They just wouldn't be hers

    • It's not what I want

Most Helpful Guy

  • Fuuuuuuuck, why you gotta lay this shit on me bro? Anyways, honestly, if I truly have deep feelings for her, then maybe I can look away from that and be with her. I'm heterosexual (straight), but I've never really worried about looks on the girls part, but it has to be a girl, cuz you know, I'm straight. BUT later finding she's a trannsexual out may fuck things up, over all, if you're looking for a actual relationship, it's very possibly to look past that and look at the person.

    • this is how i feel
      to me it would depend on how much of a lady they really are

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  • No, nope, never, hell fucking no.

  • I wouldn't even be willing to be friends. That kind of crap should be disclosed quickly so people who aren't ok with it can pull the plug.

    • Even if you fell for them at first

    • I'm not queer at all, no way in hell could I date a man.

  • Yes, I would feel different. If I found out a girl was actually born a biological man with male parts then I will lose all attraction for her and I will not continue dating her any longer.

  • For one I'd like to say that my years online had made me pretty good at recognizing them. So, chances of me pulling a Begbie are pretty slim. But yeah, that does change everything.

  • I never thought a tranny could be attractive - until I went to Bangkok.

    • it depends on how well they take care of themselves and how fem they look
      a few of them you will never guess are trans