Is it weird to message an 'ex'?

This guy and me dated for 3 months for little over 2 years ago. We have not been in contact for the last 2 years AT ALL. I am completely over him, he's completely over me - he has new girlfriend.

A month ago I randomly found him on Facebook and sent a contact request. I want to message him (because I'm nosy) to find out what he's doing, is he going uni, getting job etc etc but would that seem creepy.

As we have no mutual friends, he must have thought it was creepy I found him in first place (I was doing random people fb 'stalking' for procrastination for exam revision), so would he think I was a nosy freak if I messaged him.


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  • I think it would be creepy and unnecessary but that's just me. 3 months years ago is a small blip in the past.