What chat do you know?

just wonder, if u know some-advice me?


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  • You're seeking dating advice? The secret to a good date, is to relax and have fun
    it's meant to be a good time for both of you. ^.^

    • dude, learn to read

    • I'm breaking up your sentence and analyzing it. You have three options
      one) you're asking what sort of chat programs we know (wrong category)
      two) you're asking what sort of dating sites we know (right category)
      three) you're asking us (chat) what we know about dating (right category)

      I'll just tell you straight up, this is probably the reason you didn't get many answers
      but your way of expressing yourself needs a little rethinking.

      I answered what made the most sense from what you wrote
      so if you meant something different, try to get that across better. ^.^

    • i block u, cuz u wrote somth faaar far from what i asked. gooood luck

  • I know causal chat, naughty chat, dirty chat & sex chat.


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