How to ask a girl for a second time?

So I'd like to have another go at asking a girl out before we change classes. I asked her out the first time in person but I don't think I have the balls to ask her again in person, I'd like to do it over Facebook. I'm not sure what to say tho :/


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  • You Never Said How the "First time in person" went so Maybe this Time... You want to try again in person?
    If things got Shot down the First time Around, First... Go on Facebook and Begin a Nice Chit Chat in the Message box and Develope a Friendship that just May Enable you a Better Shot this time and Take it from there.
    Good luck, @cantthinkofanything xx

    • I actually posted it a while back and you answered me on there too :) https://www. girlsaskguys. com/dating/q1855282-so-i-asked-my-teacher-for-her-number-got-rejected-what-now
      We've talked on fb, but I just don't know what to say to her. I was thinking about " Hey I know usually you're not supposed to ask again, but I was wondering if your answer remains the same"

    • Oh, okay, I see, and figured this is why you were asking again. Don't mention it right now but try and talk more and be friendly and if she is Receptive.. ask again. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • If you can see her in person with no one around don't do it over facebook. I know it's hard first time I asked a girl out seriously I shit myself. Also depends you said the girl said no the first time you asked her? Nothing worse than a guy who can't let go you better hope a lot has changed.


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  • You don't. If I ask a girl out and she says no then that's it. I'm not chasing after her or anything. I'm never asking her out again. I'll ask once.