Would you know if your girlfriend was better looking than you are?

Basically I was just wondering if you would know by people's reactions if the person you were dating (a girl in my case) was better looking than you.
For example would they tell you about the difference in looks? Or would they make more subtle hints?

Personally I think we are of equal attractiveness. But she thinks I'm better looking, I told one of my close male friends and he laughed and said 'mate if anyone is punching above their weight it's you'.

When we go out I do get quite a bit of female attention, and she sees this and has told me she's a little jealous. A guy came up to us once and commented on how handsome I was.
I just don't get how this one friend said that I was punching (although it was in a jokey way), whereas I think we are equal and she thinks I'm a bit better looking.

It it just gives me a headache. what is a true way I can tell if we are both equal on looks or if one is better?


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  • From reading this I don't think you guys sound like you're very far apart in terms of looks. As long as you like her, who cares?

  • Does it really matter than much to you? Honestly, let it go.


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