Why is she doing this to me?

She still insists we remain friends even after she dumped me for cheating on her. She is always trying to tell me what to do with my life even thought I don't ask her for advice. I get pissy with her about this because I've already explained to her indont have enough money to start college yet as my parents aren't going to support me going to go to college. She says she wants me to not be a loser. I'm nineteen i already have a job I'm looking for a second. I'm not in college rn so she thinks im going to becomd a loser. Im going to join the army reserve and I just handed in my application for the volunteer fire Dept. Last week she told me to go out and start dating other girls because she didn't want to hold me back and I said OK. Then I explained to her that I'm not ready to deal with getting dumped again as it hurt too much so I told her I was just going to go out and get laid and this really pissed her off. She said your not a fuckboy and I told her I wanted to be one until I find someone I actually Care about. I akso said i thought we shoukdve broken up a while ago because long distance relationships are hard. She responded by saying your a giant douche who only wants to hurt me and use me... Im surprised you haven't tried to physically abuse me yet. She said college is tge time where you fall in love when weve already talked about being pote tial roommates in college. The only reason I can think of about why all this shit would piss her off is because she wants me to make improvements and to eventually win her back again. What do you all think?

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  • You guys need to cut ties, say goodbye. And the worst thing in the world to do would be to room with your ex. That is a great idea in your head, but will not be functional or beneficial to either one of you in reality. You say you don't like hearing her 2 cents and opinions about whats going on your life, well, then don't involve her. She knows what she knows about you because YOU tell her. She can't give her opinion and criticize you if she doesn't know whats going on. Stop giving her access into your personal life, she's your ex for a reason. You guys need to leave each other alone.


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