Girls and guys what would you do in such a situation?

If you were with a man you had been dating since high school for 4yrs and had a baby by him which was a yr old by the time you got pregnant again by him and later at 5months of that pregnancy find out he got another girl pregnant 2weeks before you a girl that you befriended for a couple of months which is the girl that he had been dating while you guys were on a break would you stay with him?

Guys what would you do in this situation having gotten another girl pregnant at this same time as the mother of your first born? Would you stay with the mother of the first born and take care of all of your children financially as well as try and be there for both of them or would you try and brush the one you made with the other woman under the rug and try and keep your family that you had before her together?


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  • Sounds like a really stupid woman.


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