Guys, what makes you view one woman as girlfriend material while another you only want as a sex bud/FWB?

Like a guy friend of mine said he would have to stop seeing his sex bud because he met a girl he likes and wants to start something with...

What at makes a guy label a girl as only sex and another as more? And no, his friends with benefits isn't a slut or anything either. She's a cool chick. I don't get jt


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  • friends with benefits = attractive enough to have sex with and pleasant enough to maybe casually hang out with. Generic personality, easily replaceable.

    GF= Beautiful and attractive, smart, funny, makes me feel safe, like I can open up and not have it used against me, modest, fun to be around. Makes me think "wow this girl is special, it would be hard to find another girl like this".

    Also another aspect is the vibe I get. If I feel like a girl is promiscuous or hear that from other people, then Id be more likely to limit her to either the "friends zone" or "fuckbuddy zone".

    • Well I feel doomed because guys label me as promiscuous because I'm really attractive so they immediately think I've been with many guys or are seeing many guys, like I'm highly sexual. They view me as a sexual thing and don't seem to take me seriously.

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    • Think of how in a video game you'll be able to choose from different characters who have different scores in each trait. They will each have one skill that is their best skill where they have the highest score. For some maybe its strength, others magic, archery, etc..

      Just as an brief example, imagine this principle applied to real people.

      For you maybe Your scores arre..


      Unless you truly believe you are extremely intelligent, it is possible that "looks" is the category with your highest score. That doesn't mean your looks are all that matters, Im just saying its possible you beauty could be more rare than your level of intelligence.

      Also understand you other attributes (intelligence, humor, compassion, ect) aren't as easy to notice, they often take time for people to observe. Physical appearance is easily measured, all one has to do is look at you. Its also possible you're hanging out with guys who dont value intelligence

    • True. I actually think my intelligence is my highest. It's what I've worked on the most in my life I guess

  • They probably realized that if they want to be in a romantic relationship, they won't fulfill each other's needs, while sexually they can. New girl probably can do both, make him feel good about himself and fulfill his sexual needs.