I'm 18 years old and I am very interested in a man that is much older than me, I need some advice.

the majority of my friends are between the ages of 24 and 40. I don't get along as well with people my own age, so the people I date are often much older than me but this time its a little older than I'm used to. I usually date around 24-26 years but he is in his early thirties. I like him a lot but I'm not sure what I can do to keep his interest. as there is a large age gap.

he's starting to withdraw a bit as people are starting to suspect something between us... we aren't even dating yet and he's already concerned about how people will take this. I like him a lot and I don't know what to do...


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  • Im the same way..one of my best friends is 35 and I once dated a guy who was 29...when I was 19 so I can tell you there is nothing wrong with an age gap as long as you two feel compatable in terms of maturity.

    But..some advice: just because he's much older doesn't mean you need to worry about seeming more mature or doing anything special other than just being yourself. You shouldnt feel like you have to do anything out of the ordinary to impress him/keep his interest. Oh, and just to warn you, just because the guy is older doesn't mean he'll be mature..the 29 year old I dated surprisingly wasn't as mature as I thought he would be..lol