Boyfriend hasn't texted me for two days?

We've been together for half a year and he tells me he loves me but he never takes me out. I always go to his place and I feel used. We were together two days ago and after we had sex he kicked me out fast and he probably went to the bar last night and hasn't texted me yesterday or today. Is he checking to see if I'll text him or could it be he found someone else?


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  • I feel like that is a problem there, not to be negative but 'he never takes you out' 'he kicked you out after sex' and hasn't spoken to you since? Major red flags there..
    Why would you let him treat you like that? thats not okay?
    I say text him, ask him whats going on? because no one knows the answer to what your asking apart from him. it will ease your mind and you will know where to go from there..


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  • Yeah, he's not showing signs of interest. We can't say for sure if he found someone else or not, but I can't be optimistic about this situation because of I just read. I'd start considering if it pays to continue this relationship if I were you.


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