He seems he wouldn't let me go. What to do?

After a few months in this relationship, I suddenly feel I am not excited to see him and feel irritated at small things he does. I manned up and decided to talk to him. I told him our relationship is getting tedious, and that we may have different goals [I know he doesn't want and he financially can't get married now). I don't know but I just can't do it anymore.
Instead of seeming alarmed or concerned as I had imagined, he was kissing and hugging me more and more. He was telling me he doesn't want to lose me.

He made it harder and harder. He is a good guy , not a gamer, but now how can move to the next step without breaking his heart?


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  • You cannot stay with someone out of pity believe me i know! ask yourself this, would you like it if someone stayed with you just because they didn't want to break your heart not because they actually wanted to be with you?
    its harsh, it is but the reality is you can't feel something that your heart doesn't feel.
    Tell him and make sure he understands.. its only faif.

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