Laies, best type of simple first date?

I have no problem taking a girl out and having a GREAT time, I'm not really the shy type. It would be nice to have some girls opinions on what an easy first one is. I'm better at dates as the relationship grows. Girls, tell me what you would like for date one, not just your fave date before. Use your imagination please and thanks


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  • i agree. the first date needs to be somewhere that allows for conversation. personally, I like it when I guy figures out some things I am interested in and tries to find some intrest we have in common and do that. I like dates where we go do something, mini golf is always fun, or if you are both into sports, a sporting event, or if you are into artsy things, go to an art museum. going on a picnic and playing around in the park is always fun to. just whatever you plan, make sure it is something she is interested in and she will love it.


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  • Not a girl, but still would like to share my thoughts.

    You said you are weak with the initial dates, which is where I think most men mess up.

    The biggest problem I have found is that men choose dates that aren't good for getting to know each other. I have had first dates at the movies, yet by the time I drive her home we've spent the whole time sitting in silence rather than learning whether we are compatible.

    To me the best first date is one that allows you to get to know the girls personality and see whether she is someone that would be good for talking and socializing and hanging out.

    For example, I would much rather go to the mall with a girl. You can talk and joke around the whole time with a ton of things to do and see. Get food, check out some clothing stores, check out some a shoe or hat store, or engage in the normal attractions in the mall.

    If the girl is easy to talk with, fun to be around, and it doesn't get awkward then there you go - the two of you are compatible. You don't know that from some of the more awkward or less engaging first dates.

    Here is some more examples I like: