How would you feel if your date was not transparent about seeing other people?

When I started dating this chick, who lives in a town an hour away, she told me she wasn't seeing anyone. She'd text me and send pics of herself every day. I offered to catch up with her again on her day off. She went a bit silent and started to withdraw, coming up with reasons like "i have trust issues, I don't trust guys easily, i've been hurt in the past and it's just who I am now" and "it's a small town, so I'd rather you didn't come here, as we're not serious yet". So we'd continue to text over the phone instead. The next time we got when we're both free (2 weeks later), I asked her if she wants to hang.. she finally broke it to me... she finally told me that she was seeing someone else and that it's going well and that she doesn't want to mess me over.
I was furious.. I thought I'd met someone special, so I actually cut off my dates with others just for her. Now I'm alone.
How would you feel?
And how would you prevent this from happening?


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  • She is just no longer interested in you.

    As for how would it make me feel... probably like shit even though you should always expect such things to happen.
    You can't prevent such things from happening either.


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  • In my opinion, if a someone in intentionally hiding the fact that they are seeing other people, its the same as cheating.


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  • You dodged a bullet if you ask me. She's hypocritical and refuses to try and improve on a huge flaw.

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