Is she just trying to get over her ex?

So a girl I've worked with for the past year has broken up with her boyfriend recently. She started messaging me more on facebook/text about how she really misses me. After hearing the news i offered to bring her out with some friends to a bar/club for a few drinks so she can have fun with some good people and music. As the music's playing and the liquor starts flowing through us , she decides to get a little closer and eventually starts making out with me full-on sloppy, and giving me hickeys as we grind. It was actually pretty nice but we ended the night and had to go home because we both worked the following day.

At work we never even discussed what happened at the club, and everything was as normal. She started discussing how this annoying guy keeps texting her and how she isn't interested in him , and how her boyfriend was a jerk etc. It made me think she wanted me to ask her out or something.

Should I bring up the night, or keep it normal and wait it out. Also could she just be using me as a way to get over her breakup? Im very oblivious with girls when they flirt so I probably missed a lot of queues so Im just getting other peoples feedback on what i should do


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  • Why don't you try asking her to hang out with you?
    As for the night, I'd suggest you not to bring it up.


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