Dating/ my cousin is now a Bishop?

My Mom's cousin is now a Bishop in the Roman Catholic Church.

Mmost people dont like Catholics especially the people I know as I'm not religious. My boyfriend didn't like seeing a quote from St Francis on my grandmother's obit.

Be honest, would it weird you out if your SO's close family was that high up in the Catholic Church?


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  • Meh, your mom's cousin is far enough removed that it really shouldn't matter.

    • I guess my boyfriend has to go. He already saw a picture of me and my sister with one of the most powerful Cardinals in the Church. He presided over my sisters confirmation before getting a leg up.

      My Mom's family is close so there isn't any keeping it from him.

    • That's a bit drastic... who cares that someone who is barely related to you is moderately high in a church? This isn't something that will come up every day in your relationship. It's not a big deal at all.

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  • Yes, it would. But for irrelevant reasons.
    If he really likes you, I doubt that he is going to let something like that separate you.