What does my ex-girlfriend wants?

I am now 19 years old and was in a relationship with a girl 2 years ago but it lasted about 3 months then it just stopped because we lived far from each other. But now I started to see her back in certain occasion and she started to text me from time to time asking me how I was and proposing me to go have dinner soon and go to parties with her. When we see each other we talk a lot and she always come to see me, even tho the breakup wasn't that great, she got through it.

The big problem here is that she has a boyfriend and I know the guy a little bit since we work together and they've been together for more then a year.

I don't want to be a jerk and steal the guy's girlfriend but I won't lie that I still have feeling for her. So what do you think is going on here? Does she just see me as a friend now or is she trying to get me back?


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  • She is not engaged or married... so go after her! If she likes you she will choose you over other guy 😊


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