Do you think I should consider giving my ex a chance?

So we dated for two months and broke up in Janurary because he fell out of love with me. We just started talking again and I kinda can see that there a possible chance of us being together again? should I consider giving him a second chance?


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  • He broke up because he fell out of love? So now that no other bitch wants him he will come right back to you? It seems as if you're a placeholder until he gets the woman he really wants. Guys rarely leave a woman just to be single.

    • No I dump him and I knew he lost feelings I'm not mad about it he is a good guy. He felt bad for making me cry once he cry there no way he a cheater XD

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  • It doesn't look like he did anything bad, so I would give him a second chance.

  • Don't do it
    If he fell out of love with you he probably will do it again

    • Yeah I know but there a chance he won't right and if so doesn't matter right?

    • I mean do what you want, but if I were you I'd find someone else. Most likely he doesn't love you and wants to use you in some way.

    • We never had sex and he knows to wait when I'm ready so what would he be using me for?

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