Guys, Do you testing the girl you like?

This guy I am seeing is bit unusual... He is 30, very smart, has a great job as an architect, and little terrified from commitment, he didn't have girlfriend for 3 years.

He chased me first, but after I fall in love with him and start texting him everyday, he got fed up and run away. We completely stop talking after that.

after few months, he contact me, and he became very 'rude' and 'bossy'. He told me I was texting him too much, he doesn't like it. And now he is sort of making rules that I am not allowed to contact him before he contact me. I got annoyed and didn't text him for few days, he suddenly texted me say " good girl, u didn't text me for 3 days, well done, let's meet. " To me, this is so rude... But he wasn't like this before.

Few days ago, he came to my place, we had great date, but after everything, he said to me" listen, please don't text me crazyly like last time, I am too busy with my work, I really don't appreciate it. "

It has been few days since we met, no mesg from him at all. I really don't like this "bossy" behaviour. But I'm not sure if he is just testing me out see how long I can hold without contacting him. I'm so confused.

Would you guys do this to the girl you lie? any advices?



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  • Totally uncool behavior from him and a really bad sign. I'd recommend not having any contact with him in the future. Let him find somebody who doesn't mind bossy and who doesn't like to text. :)

    Good luck.

  • You should ask girls too because they have experience in dealing with men more than we do, lol. This guy sounds manipulative.