Why would old men torment a young hot date?

i go on lots of dates- most of the guys are jerks or douches in some way. I'm nice respectful etc. and also really pretty. they don't care. Most guys seem to want to find a way to bring me down or dominate me. I had some weird experiences with old men- one old guy- he was probably 65.. went to a concert with him. He treated me TERRIBLY from the beginning. it got so bad, i finally said.. look i can leave. I stayed for an hour, and left. after the show he harassed me for days telling me how thankful I should be to him for taking me, and bragging about the money he had. He literally just wanted to ruin me- bring me down extremely. me--im a very simple nice sweet female. very laid back. yes pretty and petite. Im so confused why this man spent days degrading and terrorizing me...

another man recently- he seemed nice. we texted. about going to some races. On the phone he was 'really' cool and chill. I drove an hour to the race. When we met, yes he was 'old'.. but i didn't care. I shud have been the one to run away from him. He handed me a ticket.. acted weird, then said "so where are u gonna sit?" I'm thinking... i thought with you? huh? he then made up some bs story about how he was with 'friends' and had to be secret.. huh? (he's lying cuz i was supposed to tailgate with him earlier). Then he just ditched me but in a rude way saying he has a wife and had to be 'secret'. it was total bs. he was kind of rude about me--leaving me there alone.. acting as if he wanted to give me a ticket. Him: probably 64.. old creepy looking. Me: young very pretty nice girl...

why on earth would they treat a young sweet girl SO badly? it baffles me.. are they insecure? i dont have huge breasts and i dress very average.. jeans and a shirt.. ok if he decided to 'ditch me' but why be so mean about it?

my q is --what is this extreme desire to horribly dominate a kind sweet petite female--as a guy wouldn't they want to 'respect and take care of' a nice sweet woman.. also one who's hot or pretty.. its so damn confusing ot me. instead they want to denigrate and destroy you--bring u down, make u feel bad, make u cry.. i mean they want to crush you.. esp these crazy old males.. even the younger ones too some of them... its so insane i can't even get it
mentally ill misogynists and sociopaths.. get off my post.. im sure the lure of being attacked by psychos makes the predators want to attack but scram freaks.. looking for real advice from decent normal people not the shit idiots that replied here.. fluttershy shoot yourself you are a psycho..


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  • Okay so the first guy you apparently had bad chemistry with. Maybe age played a role in that. Maybe not. In any case he probably felt hurt and decided to talk shit afterwards.

    The 2nd guy wanted a young side piece to play with. Plain and simple.

    • I don't get any sense from what you said as to these guys "dominating" you.

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    • So that's bad chemistry.

      Maybe he thought you couldn't keep a secret? Maybe once it happened he realized it was a bad idea?

      Ugly old freak? Seems to me like you actually do care how old these guys are.

      Nah not necessarily.

    • tahts not the point.. these guys are being rude to me... i dont know what ur talking about. and the 1st guy had nothing to do with chemistry. the sceond guy--there was no secret.. it was bullshit. i was supposed to tailgate with him earlier but i was late.. he was lying.. i duno wtf ur talking about

  • Umm, date people your age 30 years is a lot 30-35/65.

    • its not really dating-- we were just going to a race.. and i dont get why they are so mean

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    • It's clear you have some anger issues. Maybe that's why they are rude to you?

    • you're crazy... theyre rude to me and i have anger issues? you need to get help u psychopath.. you're sick in the head seriously.. looking for advice not misogynists and sociopaths

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