Tinder VS Real Life?

So, there is this girl which I'm pretty sure she likes me. However, she is kind of attention seeker and she believes she is some sort of 8 / 9 when in reality she is like a 5 or even a 6. She gave me signs, but now is playing hard to get. Thing is, she made a tinder in front of all our friends seeking for attention. the first week of having it she just met a dude as needy as her and they supposedly made out. Now, here's the funny shit. She said those kind of things fulfill the body but not the soul. WTF? I mean, then why the FUCK would you that if you are complaining and not happy about it? and now she is treating me like, i don't know, her fucking boyfriend, all sweet and shit. I've received bunch of shit tests from her and passed them, i've gave her a few as well. but my point is: What kind of easy person would do this stupid shit? Making out with someone just 5 days after making a tinder account and then playing all sweet and all with me? I'm not planning on being his fucking gay friend if that whats she thinking. I was starting to like her, but this just dissapoints me. Really bad. Someone as easy as that. At least she could have seen once then in the 2 date go for it. We have know each other for like 3 weeks. And what fuck more my head is that she gives me signs, but i invited her out once and she said no, but "surely another day". I really dont understand women, and this in particular is really fucking stupid. So opinions please?


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  • She wants you to be the gbf

  • Dude, if you consider her a a 5 or a 6, why are you chasing her? I don't understand...
    Stop having the sour grapes syndrome.
    If you think she doesn't like you then move on.

    • Im not chasing her. and im not with people for their rating. I dont care about their rating just care bout how i feel with her. So, Im not chasing her. and i kinda like her. so thats why.

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