Girls, we clicked as soon as we met but I'm scared of going into a relationship?

I met this girl at a night club and we clicked straight away. had sex as soon as we got back to hers but because I have never had a girlfriend before I'm scared of losing that freedom of being single and I seeing as I have never been in a relationship I have no idea what to do


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  • If you aren't ready to share your life with someone then don't give her false hope. If you are still so concerned about losing your freedom to love then it shows me you aren't ready for a relationship.

    • that's true it's basically the fact I enjoy going out with my mates and talking to who I like. but if we get into a relationship I want it to be long term not a 2 week thing. I think I will just take it as it comes and see what happens thanks for your advice. 👌

    • There's no reason to think you can't go out with your mates and do things on your own while in a relationship :)

  • Don't date. Do you until you decide eventually you want to settle down. Also never good to have new a relationship forming and already had sex. I could be wrong just my opinion. Take your time. No one is pressuring you but if you want to see how it goes go for it and if it's not your cup of tea yet. Then drain it down and take your time. Good luck!