We are dating but he's still actively chatting with girls?

We met online and now we have been seeing other for more than a month and sleeping together. Yesterday we had a bit of discussion and he knows too that im still on dating sites but i told that I've been receiving invitations to meet but i dont entertain them as im seeing him.

He was like, he's not gonna stop me from being on the sites. Does it mean that he doesn't care if i meet someone else? Or its just his way of saying he doesn't want a committed relationship? Altho he did tell me that after we met, he had not been chatting much..


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  • Yeah truthfully it clearly seems like he doesn't care about much about you and just sees you as an option near to him.

    My personal advice will be to talk him out clarifying what's in his mind and how much he cares about you. I think caring and looking out for each other is the best part in a relation.

    He should not take you as granted.

    Sorry if I have hurt you in any way, I didn't mean to.


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