Why does my younger sister?

She is so evil, she used me as a emotional punchingbag and then say she doesn't use me. She is very mean, always angry and always blames away her life and then doesn't talk to me for awhile and then she does again. I feel like she is jealous or angry at me because she feels like im not a great sister, excuse me, im human I have my flaws but if she needs help with money or anything ill help her, thats the only thing I can help her with, she literally is trying to break off contact with me, she hates im positive confident and that I dont let things get to me easily... I've been through illness, there are worse things in life then tiny problems, she lives on her own, who told her to live on her own? she decided to move... she never is there for me when I need her and then calls me a bad sister.


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  • She seems very jealous off you. And has all this hate and anger towards you. True if she can't handle living on her own that is her fault and problem. You can only do the best you can do for her. If she wants to act rude and distant herself or cut you off then it is not much you can do about it.


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