Why was my crush sort of rude to me :( ?

My crush, 2 years younger, who is my family friend, ie. my girl friend's brother. I was at their place and we just said hi to each other. Then went to room where my crush was on the laptop watching some soccer game (his fave sport).

He was very into the game, shouting like give a goal, all that. I said to him "who is playing so that you are so excited", he didn't answer as his focus was laptop screen. So I walked over to him, to see the screen and who is playing. I asked again "who is playing", to which he said "you don't know these". I said "well I want to learn". He answered "inter milan and sampdoria, is that clear to you". I was a little in shock as he is always nice and polite, to just say that loudly to me. I then said "and who are you going for, oh I know inter milan, am I right, see I know everything". He kind of smiled at the screen. My girl friend and me then went out for a walk.

Why did he behave like that? I kind of believed he liked me too. I don't know what to think. I also want him to get to know me, I really like him. How do I go about this...


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  • Could be that he was just pumped for the game and thus had an additional dose of adrenalin or other pheromones. Don't think of this as standard behavior. You could still have a chance.


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