Girlfriend says she does not like tattoos or my attitude, yet we've been dating for two years almost?

i have a whole sleeve done, and a half sleeve on the other arm (working on it), a big tattoo on the back of my neck and on my chest.

i didn't have as many when i met her, but always says "when i first met you i didn't see you like that because you had tattoos and i dont like them", yet she would always joke and says ooo tattoos badboy thats sexy. now when i get a new one she's like stop, no more please.

every time i do something or say something "cute" or sweet, she says aww why can't you act like this all the time and not rough? and i said well what im doing seems to be working for the past 2 years almost, so i'll keep doing it.

what is her deal? is she just idealizing our relationship? if she said publically, while holding my hand, that she hates tattoos on guys and rough attitudes, people would laugh say "it doesn't look like that sweety".


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  • to you second paragraph if you're a decent human being and she says she wants more cute and less rough you'll give it. Just cause it has been working doesn't mean it always will.


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