Too long to make contact after sleeping together?

Slept with a guy for the first and it took him a week to say something. He set up this really nice date, very affectionate afterwards, dropped me off the next day, kissed me goodbye, all that other good stuff. I'm a firm believer that a guy should do the pursuing so I've never reached out him first this entire time except for once I believe. As a result we would not talk every day (which I was more than fine with, I'm pretty busy). My friends say that I shouldn't do that, but I still don't think a man should take that long to say something. Isn't that too long?


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  • I don't think its ever too late to make contact with someone unless its like been years and even then some people still do. I often don't see girls I know for a couple weeks at a time or longer , that being said I didn't sleep with them but still don't feel necessary to speak to them every day


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