3 ONLINE dates over X-MAS; a GIRLFRIEND (who knew) starts CALLING, TEXTING! NEARLY 3 months LATER -- she WON'T GO AWAY?

i went on 3 online dates w. someone over Christmas. i haven't seen or talked to him since. His girlfriend started calling, hanging up. Then, she started texting. She stopped for a 3-4 weeks. Now, she has started again. And, she is relentless. Most recently, she sent nearly 20 text messages to both of us -including photos of them, photos of me downloaded from FB. she said she was done, changing her #, wished us the best together, etc. she included a naughty photo of him. it's PRETTY bad! i would block her # but i don't want to make her more crazy nor raise ANY suspicion. this morning, she called again. and, i missed the call. i think i'm ready to pick up, tell her that i have NOTHING to do w. the guy!

what would you do?


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  • Tell her he asked to marry you or that you are done with him. She is fighting because in her mind, it hasn't been resolved. For it to end, she must think she either lost the battle or won.

    • good insight. would you text or answer next call?
      thank you!

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    • I know, but sometimes, the best defense is an attack.
      Have a great Sunday yoo !

    • just what i needed to hear. thank you!

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  • Curse her out and tell her it's her man that she needs to check not you you. Who the fuck does she think she is constantly calling you? That's crazy but I would have to let her know what's up you're not the one cheating on her he is. What do you have to do with anything. Woman are so crazy.

    • tell me about it. i've NEVER experienced anything like this. and, i only went on 3 dates w. this guy. at this point, she has completely spun out of control. now, it's hit stalking level -- texting my fb photos. thanks for your advice.

    • Okay so to me your coming off as a really classy lady whom knows how to act and that's beautiful. When you answer or respond through text with this lady, don't try to explain anything. Be firm let her know you're not the one she should be harassing it's her man she needs to be talking to. I'm quite sure you've explained enough being you said you all met up 3 times in December. Let her know if she continues you're going to the police. If you don't want to do that just block her, because there is nothing you can do to make her think rational about the situation because you went out with her man. You're the competition and that is all she's thinking. He's more than likely a liar, so she not trusting him.

    • so sweet! thank you! i am loving your advice.

      i have to say --- i haven't spoken to her or texted yet. she seems to be under the impression that we are together. and, the reality is --- 3 dates! that's it! i don't know why she thinks we are seeing each other.

      as of now, i am planning to take her next call -- which i' sure is coming. let's hope she doesn't continuously hang up. it's time to clear things up!

      thanks again. have a beautiful day!

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