Was my ultimatum to tell this girl I'm talking to to decide to be official inappropriate (long)?

I have been dating this girl since November and she said she wants to take it slow and I agreed its fair and I will. I was out of a relationship 6 months ago and moved on completely after 2 months and she has been separated from her boyfriend for a year. So last night we were out with friends and her friends out pressure on me to try to make it official and that she won't be ready to move on until I initiate the conversation again. I waited until we were all out of the bar and home and at 3 am i sent a text saying that "I really like her a lot and want to make it official and I understand that she wants to take it slow but after 5 months of talking if were not ready now I don't know if we will ever be and I want to have a definitive answer and if you don't want to make it official its best we stay friends and not force something that can't be." I told her to think it over and take her time to decide when she sobers up and mentioned I need some clarity.



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  • Can't you all just go with flow?


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  • Why is it so important to make it official?
    People... always in a hurry...

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