When do we say I love you?

I have been with my man since June so 9 months. We tell eachother "your the best" and he says how much he appriciates being with me and i say the same, and he has said how much he cares for me etc.
BUT i love you hasn't been mentioned yet.
There have been plently of times where i wanted to say it and it almost has come up but I've controlled myself because im thinking well he hasn't said it so there might be a reason for that? Maybe he isn't 100% sure or he still wants to wait but whatever..

When is the time? I know some people who say it like after 2 months and some who wait until a long time.


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  • Say it when the time is right. Or you can wait for him to say it first. It seems like he loves you already. He just hasn't mentioned it yet. I think 9 months is a good lenghth of time to say it. Maybe say it when your anniversary comes up and see how he reacts to you saying it if you want to say it.


What Girls Said 1

  • Whenever you feel like it. If you haven't felt it, then don't tell him.
    You don't have to control yourself.