Guys, I need your help to see if the guy I'm dating is serious about me?

We're both 26 and we're just started dating. 2 weeks ago.

He calls me every day, messages me all day, he cares about me - asks how i feel etc.
we went out 3 times a week. whenever he had a night off he offered to go out.
on the 2nd date he wanted us to go visit his best frined...
I noticed he becomes quiet when i tell him i go for coffee with a guy from work (maybe jealou, i dont know)

Is he serious about me? does he like me?


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  • He is serious about you at-least for now and it will be better if you don't put that guys date info up and I think now he will be preparing back up like a wise man.

  • Uh... Duh... He texts you every day.

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