Should I leave him alone or stick around?

I am 20 years old. I have been seeing a guy that is 29 for the past two years off and on. But we have never been in a committed relationship. He tells me he loves me and I say it back. He says I'm the only person he wants to be with and that he wants to marry me. Not too long ago I found out that he was texting a very close person to me and he claimed nothing went on between them and that she knew about our relationship also I found out he was texting a girl I went to school with along with several other girls. These text messages are not so innocent and he is calling them baby. I have stopped talking to him multiple times But I continue to come back for some reason. My mom thinks he is too old for me and ugly so does my friend. So why can't I just leave him alone?


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  • Because you love him even though he is a piece of shit. You should leave. After you find someone who loves you and who you are happy with is when he will come around again. Take control of your life and love yourself enough to get what you want from life.

    • Thank you and it's like when I do leave him alone he keeps trying and trying like its a game when I say I'm done. He keeps calling even when I've blocked him. I think it's because I've left and came back so many times.

    • Its a power trip. He wants to control you and not invest in you. Don't let him do that. Be the woman you are meant to be and a man that loves you will support you for who you are. Not control who you are and what you should be. Fuck that guy...

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  • He is trying to get with multiple girls. He's an asshole and he's trying to reassure you that everything is okay while he's clearly flirting with others. I think you should stop contacting him.

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