How to know if it's really over with her?

Long story short, she told me she doesn't want to see me again (we live far off from each other) and I told her we shouldn't even talk at all in that case. And we haven't been talking for more than three weeks since than. I wished her birthday last night and all I received in reply was "Thank you". Is it really over?


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  • Yes, unless you fight for it.

    • Fight for it?

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    • Yup you are right, but it kind of hurts to see her being unaffected by this (and she has said pretty hurtful things when we last talked)... even if I do go running back to her again her rejecting me will give her ego a massive boost I think... I do want to see her again though

    • We are only friends with benefits by the way but we really acted like couples, and talked for late hours in the night

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  • Yes, it's over

  • Sorry to say it but it seems its over

    • seems like that to me too... but she has said something like that before, but that time I knew she was just angry at me. This time it seems so different though we've had moments like this before too

    • Then that's the reason its over as well, she just won't stay on saying " its over " and then, come back.. That's to show u that she's REALLY over it :/

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