I met this guy online 3 months ago. long story short we started dating, we are in love, and he made me his girl friend. He has told his whole family that me and him are dating. I have met his family. he even spent valentines day with me at the beach. Around two weeks ago i asked him to delete his online dating profile since i had already deleted mine. He said he wold. Come to find out this week he is uploading new pictures of himself on his online dating profile. He still has he is single. He has not told me about the fact that he still has his online profile up. The way i found out was googling the name he had for his name on the dating site. I am going to confront him about this. Im not sure if he is cheating or talking to other girls. Why would he lie to me about not deleting his online profile? should i be concerned? SHould i bring it up?


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  • As someone who has been lied to and cheated on by a woman using a dating site, yes you need to confront him. He is most likely cheating or trying to cheat on you. You deserve to know, and not to be lied to and cheated on.

    • thank you for your opinon. i just feel like distancing myself from him by not texting or calling, or seeing him for a week. i'm upset. how would i bring this up to him in a conversation.

    • I would just confront him about it, but face to face. Typically if I distance myself I just keep thinking about it and I get even more upset. Tell him a friend saw his profile active with a new picture. Watch his reaction. If he reacts in a way that indicates he's hiding something, tell him to log on and show you that he deleted it.

    • Actually even if he doesn't still ask him to log on amd prove it to you some people are just really good liars.

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  • Yes you should be concerned!!

    That would be a deal-breaker for me. Personally, i wouldn't even confront him. I would just cut all means of contact with him. He is supposed to be in a relationship with you, but is still active on a dating site, and uploading images of himself... what more proof do you need to know he is playing you.

    The definition of a fool is... seeing the truth, hearing the truth but believing in a lie. People lie because they don't believe you deserve the truth , so they have zero respect for you. If i was you... i would respect myself and walk away from him. It appears me that you are not his priority... just an option

    • I feel like losing all contact with him after I found out about what he did. Part of me is in love with him and the other part of me wants to hurt him. I feel first I should hear his side of the story to see if he will admit to me he still is uploading pics online

    • All you will get is excuses. You have seen the proof with your own eyes. When someone you love lies to you... to deceive you, then you start to question every truth. You may love him, but does he really love you? Love is about trust and respect. He obviously does not value such things :)

      We all set our own standards of how other people treat us, if you don't want to be lied to or disrespected , then you have to raise the "bar" higher or people will take advantage of you

      Whatever decision you make, just take care of your own heart. Some people are destructive with other peoples feelings. I do hope whatever decision you make... it will turn out for the best for you :)

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  • I think you should bring it up. It's not like you invaded on his privacy, and it's real weird that he's still making himself available.

    • i think so too. He says i make him happy and he is in love with me but why is he still going online to find women. i just don't understand. I feel like distancing myself from him for a few weeks without telling him why im mad just to see how he will react.

    • It's probably better not to be passive aggressive like that, you'll both be confused then..

  • Yeah this seems very concerning since he is straight up lying to you. Definitely confront him and see what he says. If he accuses you of overreacting/being "crazy/possessive" that's all bs - that's just manipulation and that's your cue to go,