How do I deal with my ex coming into my job?

I loved her but she cheated on me. She keeps on coming into my job to shop. (I work in a grocery store) so i see her all the time. Literally. she's in there every other day. I'll see her, she'll see me, but nothing will be said. But how the hell am i supposed to move on? she's already got a new boyfriend. She even went up to my good friend who is a girl, that knows me. She'll smile at her. Not like a "Hey girl!" smile. But a "Hahaha look at this bitch." smile. Every single time she's in there, there's new drama.


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  • Could it be she's going there on purpose? Something gives me the impression that she is, just so she'd mess with you. In which case you have to steel yourself somehow and tell yourself to get over her, despite her still popping in to your life.

    The world is a big place but the same bad people from your life will always somehow find you.

    • She knows i love her, and i always went back to her when she begged. But I don't know man. I've been trying to figure that out myself. She was my first love, and she took advantage of that. I do tell myself she's gone. I know she is, but she does live near my store, and she works across the street. But she also has no shame, or fear.

    • Recently she went and hung out with one of her friends, and gave her friend my number. I get a random text from this girl saying that my ex gave it to her. So I don't know wtf she's doing.

    • Then good riddance, dude. You really have to realize that you're better off without the cunt.

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