Am I just a rebound?

We have met online in January and everything is going well. We do sport, go to dinner, movies all kinds of things. He also took me out for valentines day.

But something really bothers me: he is just out of a 5 years relationship with his ex, 3 months ago.

I have brought this up and he said they had already broke up twice before, and he knew she was not the one for him in the long term. He did say that he wanted to take things slow now.

I often had to make the moves. I kissed him first, I initiated texting often...

Now he really seems interested and acts like a boyfriend, holds my hand, kisses me etc. We did not sleep together for now it's just light cuddling. But I am very scared that he could just be using me as a distraction.

Is it possible that he is really ready for a new relationship? How do I avoid that? Is there something I can do/tell? Should I go slower and let him lead?


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  • He probably is ready for a new relationship. I say you make all the important moves so he can see that you are better. He definitely isn't using you as a distraction so don't worry ! I say you move slowly but you make all the important moves ! Hope this helps.

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