First relationship and I want to run?

i'm 14 (8th grade) and this kid likes me and i like him and so we've been talking and he's like talking about hanging out and stuff and calling me baby and babe, but i kind of hate it. since 6th grade this is what i thought i wanted, but i don't know if it is anymore. is it the wrong person? is it just because it's my first relationship? or could it be that i just am not a relationship person? advice?


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  • I think it is too soon to decide whether you already relationship person or not. What is not too soon is to decide that you don't want to be treated in any manner that makes you feel uncomfortable. And that is mature. You want a relationship but you don't want a relationship where you feel put down or less than. I think you doing fine. I think your sensitivity is correct. I think that opening up on this website real issues is superduper, mature and correct. And I believe that this guy is the wrong guy for you. That's my opinion. But I want you to think of how I got to that opinion. It's you who first analyzed the relationship and decided you hate it. You express your feelings and nothing is better than telling it like it is from your point of view. After you express your feelings then you asked the questions. By doing that you sort of came to your own answer. This guy is not for you. And finally courtesy of my grandfather who made me listen to all sorts of stuff when I was growing up


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  • Your fourteen so I wouldn't make any assumptions on what kind of person you are just yet. Chances are is that its overwhelming and you don't really know how to proceed and to act so you want to run because you are afraid, afraid of messing things up afraid you won't like it afraid you will be judged etc.(just a guess obviously). You've never done this before so its a lot to digest a lot to get use to. I would say stick it out (it could be the guy your with comeing on to strong, maybe if your still uncomfortable tell him to slow down with the pet names etc and give you time to acclimate to it) and see how you adapt to it. I imagine that after a short time you will probably start getting use to it then likeing it.

  • aww... budding commitment issues.
    you know what it helps... control. Take over the relationship... it will make you more comfortable.
    YOU start calling him babe or baby
    YOU initiate a makeout session
    YOU hold on to his hand in the hallways or where
    You should start it all...
    If you still feel uncomfortable after all that...
    YOU should call it off...
    bad part... YOU will feel terrible for doing that :) good luck

  • Cute. Well you are still young so it must be a bit weird if its your first. Think about what is really troubling you:
    *the facts he is calling you babe
    *he seems to have more control
    *being your first relationship
    *he is sure of his moves but you are not
    *you dont like his as much as you thought
    *dating is not what you thought
    *you're not ready to date
    *you're not ready to move so fast
    *it seems like your moving to fast
    *he is sure of his moves
    *you are lost in this relationship whereas he is confident. He knows what he wants bit you dont. You are unsure of your moves.
    *or maybe your unsure of your moves due to inexperience. Don't worry and live life dont rush and enjoy youth.

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  • Tell him to stop calling you that.


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  • Wait until you think it's the perfect person ! I know it may sound cheesy , but when I was 14 I got asked out and I jumped into the opportunity because it would have been my first boyfriend. Usually you want to remember your first relationship. So I know you might be anxious to start your first relationship but you should rush anything because you will regret it like I did. If you think that your 100% ready the I'd say go for it girl , but if you just want to be in a relationship just so you can feel the rush of having a boyfriend , then wait. Hope this helps!😁😄🙃😉

  • You could just not like pet names. that is very common