Approach vs. Desired Outcome?

Something that has been on my mind for a while, just curious what you guys think.
Do you/Have you ever looked at someone and knew you either wanted just a short fling or something long term and then changed your approach to fit your goals?
For example, if you really liked someone and wanted something long term, would you take much longer to get to know them before asking them out or would you flirt just the same way and see what happens? Or do you just not think of it and let the situation and mood guide you? Or does really liking someone as more than just a hookup make it harder to make any approach at all?
i like details! :)


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  • Yep if it was a girl that I really liked, I'd want to take it slow to make sure it's going right, but also to make sure she's not a psycho or a bitch, it's all about self preservation - need to make sure that the other person fits the bill for the long term!!


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