When a guy contacts you after a week or two by texting how should I respond to him when do feel neglected... should I just act cool about it?


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  • If you're just friends, you can "casually" let him know how you feel, but don't push it onto him. Let him know by telling him you miss him and want to hang out soon or something. Things like that guys like 😁


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  • What's his relationship to you?
    Boyfriend - feel free to tell him exactly how it feels
    Friend - don't be mushy about telling him, if anything just say "hey long time no text what's up" or something

    • Thank you for reply not boyfriend but we kind are flirting with each other and do like each other.
      I know he's genuinly busy and we've been talking almost everyday.

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    • thanks ! :)

    • No problem! 😊