After a 8yr long relationship I'm single now and seriously crushing on my homies x they been over for like 5yrs we got no date friend x policy. Wtd?

her and i both got a no date friends x policy but she's every thing I want in a girl except in the bed room she not as freaky as I am. I believe I'll get shot down my head says stay clare but I can't stop thinking about her and I'm not sure I can fight the need to hold her in my arms forever... Should I tell her or just keep my distance and and continue looking for someone just like her. Which is exactly what i do. she is my homies x after all


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  • Guys aren't that strict on the ex policy thing... talk to your "homie" and express your interest... if he green lights you, which he probably will... go for it.
    If he doesn't... then you might have to choose who is expendable... the possible girl of your dreams... or your "homie" lol

    • The problem ain't my homies he cool either way but I been in the friend zone to long to be catching feelings now

    • well... make a move...

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