Help with trying to date a girl?

i like this girl. I told her and she said we should stay friends for awhile. How can I keep her interested in me by being friends. Like flirt with out making it super noticeable? Help please


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  • She said she wants to stay friends, so you have to respect that. Doing anything less than friendly, like flirting, has the potential to make sure uncomfortable. I would say that your best bet is to keep her interest by getting to know her and making sure your guard is down so she can really get a feel for your personality and your character. The more she knows about you, the more her guard will come down and you'll be able to form a good connection and build from there.

    • That was after we first met about a year or so back. We've been good friends. I thought about asking her to a hockey game in dinner. Would that be good? Open doors of course. But would opening the car door for her be to much or not?

    • Asking her to a hockey game would be a great idea! and yes, always open the car door for her. Thats a nice thing to do. :)

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