Guys do you ever regret not giving a girl a chance than in the future she gets like suppperrr fucking hot and is successful makes a lot of money?

Like 5 years after everything... You totally lost track of each other than you stumble across her Facebook and see she's like an engineer, hot as fuck, traveled the world, etc.

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  • Nope not personally

    • Lets say she's like a model and a pretty good girl but for some reason you were an asshole in the past. Would you feel even a littlw regretful that you didn't date her?

    • It's possible, I try not to be an asshole to people anyways.

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  • Highly unlikely. Women don't typically pursue men. So this is just an atypical scenario

    • Lets say this woman pursued you though and for some reason you just didn't give her the time of day than bam randomly you see how how she got 5yrs later and really she is like a dream girl. 10/10. And the girl really liked you too and you had feelings but were an asshole and never pursued it because you wanted to fuck around.

    • I mean I have missed some opportunities I regret. But nothing that fits that specific scenario in which you lay out. I suppose yeah I would regret it I guess.

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